Chonky cat with severe scoliosis almost put down until vet rescued her


A four-year-old British shorthair named Pitoe was almost euthanised as a kitten because no one wanted her.

The sweet kitty who has severe scoliosis was bought into a veterinary by a pet vendor who thought no one would want a cat with a crooked back.

But thankfully veterinarian Marie thought otherwise.

Instead of putting Pitoe down, Marie decided that her grandparents could provide the perfect home to the chonky-looking cat.

The grandparents were looking for a low maintenance kitty and with Pitoe being unable to walk properly due to an ineffective hind leg, she became the perfect choice.

Although Pitoe looks big, she isn’t actually overweight, her body is just short and round due to her condition.

Marie is delighted to have introduced her grandma and granddad to the cat and has started an Instagram page marvelling at the cat’s day-to-day life.

Marie wrote about Pitoe on Reddit where she shared an X-ray showing the curvature of the cat’s spine.

She wrote: ‘My grandparents — who adore animals — had wanted a cat for a while but were afraid to get one, as they feared it might jump over the balcony of their apartment and harm itself.

‘My mum realised that Pitoe, due to her scoliosis, would probably be a very calm kitty.’

Though the curve in her spine prevents her from jumping, Pitoe is still an animated cat who can ‘waddle, run, play, and climb like a pro’.

Marie added: ‘She’s absolutely spoiled rotten, to be honest, as most of the day [my grandparents] are at home.

‘So most of their attention goes to little Pitoe, and she’ll gladly accept it.’

Marie continued: ‘She is well taken care of, gets loads of follow up and – most importantly – is happy and pain-free.’

We’re so happy for Pitoe.