Daniel Jones has bulked up this offseason


Daniel Jones weighed 220 as a rookie. He weighs closer to 230 now.

“He will look more cut-up,’’ private quarterbacks trainer Anthony Boone told Paul Schwartz of The Post.

Boone works for QB Country and worked exclusively with Jones this offseason, estimating the two have gotten together 20 times.

Jones returned home to Charlotte, North Carolina, after his rookie season, increasing his lifting regime to get bigger and stronger while not eating “a lot of crap” at the table with his parents, two sisters and one brother.

“He’s done a good job of putting together a good physique,’’ Boone told Schwartz. “At the end of the day, he wanted to get stronger and get a little more meat on his bones but still maintain being able to run and move around and being on the field the whole time. Not ‘I’ve put on too much weight and I get short-winded now.’ His thing was make sure he could stay mobile, agile and be out on the field the whole time.’’

The Giants head coach, offensive coordinator and offense are new. Jones hopes to be improved.